"To make a difference, know the difference."

This quote appears on the back cover of So What's The Difference, a book that compares Christianity with 20 other worldviews, faiths, and religions.

Do you know how to answer questions like, "Why should I believe in Jesus?" or "There are lots of different ways to God, why should I follow Christianity?"

You are invited to join us as we embark on a journey to help learn how Christianity stacks up against some of the other faith and religious systems that are prevalent. This is part of our ongoing desire to build and solidify a Biblical worldview and gain the tools and understanding necessary to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus with boldness and humility.

Our adult Bible studies take place every other Tuesday evening (this one will start on March 5th) or Wednesday morning. See the note below to discover what the Wednesday group has decided to pursue.

Is Genesis History?

If you have not seen this documentary, hosted by Del Tackett, you might want to consider finding it. If you'd like, you can join us as we spend some time with the documentary and the accompanying Bible studies that take concepts from the documentary and dig deeper.

Our Wednesday morning Bible study, starting on March 6th, will watch the documentary together then undertake the deeper dives into the truth that we find in Genesis. We might just discover that science and Scripture are far more aligned than we've been taught. We might even discover that there was something of a turning point within the scientific community to try to exclude God and Scripture from academia.