Welcome to New Hope Naz!

We would love for you to worship with us. Feel free to join us through our streaming service to get a sample of our worship style, or just pop in on a Sunday morning as we lift Jesus' name and seek the face of God.

We believe that God loves you, even before you have figured out the answers to all of life's questions. We do not expect you to have everything together when you fact, you might arrive on a morning that it is pretty clear that we don't have it all together either. Because it is what we think Jesus would want, we want you to come as you are. Blue jeans, shorts, suit...there's no dress code here.

We believe that "iron sharpens iron" and that we are better when we engage intentionally in worship, fellowship, and discipleship.

Pastor Katie is our family and children pastor and has been with us since 2018. She takes great care of our little ones (from the cradle through 6th grade) and has a great heart for kids and teaching them who Jesus is.

Pastor JD often describes himself as a "redneck theologian." He wants to help everyone come to know that God isn't an angry old man or a vindictive dictator, but a kind and loving Creator. His messages are often laced with humor and object lessons that help us pull the truths of Scripture into the realities of today.

Our Sunday service begins at 10:30 and usually wraps up about noon...plenty of time to make plans for fellowship with members of the church over lunch.